Wednesday, 3 May 2017

No Deposit Bingo Sites Vs Free Bingo Sites - The Difference

For the past few years no deposit bingo sites were extremely popular with UK Bingo players but their popularity is slowly being replaced in flavor of free bingo sites, so why is this, and what is the difference between the two?

No deposit games websites offer bingo games players the opportunity to play games online for free but without having to make a deposit, hence the name 'no deposit bingo'. Upon registration of a no deposit games account your account will have a balance of whatever the no deposit bonus was advertised as. You can't withdraw this money, but it will allow you to try out a game site to see if you like it first before committing to making an actual deposit. This 'fake' money will allow you to purchase tickets and explore the site as an actual user.

It's worth noting that no deposit bingo websites will often require a credit card to be registered with the site upon signing up, this is to help with age verification and to ensure that the same person does not keep registering multiple different accounts with the same site. The bingo operator will however not take any money from your card unless you explicitly want them to.

While this is a good option to explore a potential bingo website, it doesn't offer you any real prizes for free and often functionality of the site is limited until the user makes a real deposit.

Free bingo sites on the other hand usually require a deposit up front, but in return will allow players to partake in a number of games of free bingo. These free games allow players to enter at no cost, but will actually offer a real cash prize and can range from anything as low as 1, all the way up to 1,000's on special promotional games. Free games sites still offer paid games, but run regular games of free games at various intervals.

By still offering popular paid games with bigger prizes, free bingo sites are able to fund the free bingo games as a means to attract players to their site, so the benefit is two ways, customers get to win money for free, and the bingo sites are able to attract and retain players more easily.

In the past year free bingo sites such as Iconic Bingo and Jackpot Cafe have changed the bingo landscape and more game players have chosen to go with these types of sites as they offer what is perceived as better value in the long run, and allow player's deposit to go a long way.

Hopefully this has helped explain the difference between two popular phrases 'no deposit bingo' and 'free bingo sites'. In short they both allow users to play games for free, but the first is more of a means of being able to explore the site before committing to depositing any money, whereas the latter offers real prizes at no actual cost to the customer.

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